Warehouse and Logistics

From conveyor lines to material handling systems, our cylinders provide durability, reliability and many standard features to meet the needs of warehouse and logistics applications.

Cylinders like our Pancake® and F-Series incorporate corrosion-resistant stainless steel parts, as well as non-metallic composite rod bushings that strengthen the cylinders’ load-bearing capabilities, lower friction and boost component longevity in warehouse environments. Also ideal for this industry is our ST Stopper Cylinder, which incorporates high-quality aluminum and shock absorbers for safety, as well as our FGM Series Cylinder for sorters that use pushers or rakes. All our standard cylinders come with many options to choose from, including mounting styles, seals, rod and thread extensions, bore sizes and more.

If one of our off-the-shelf units doesn’t meet your needs, we can customize our cylinders to accommodate special materials, installation spaces and load capacity. We offer a modified, heavy-duty version of our Global® Series Cylinder for conveyor stopping applications that features a special rod bearing—increasing load capacity to 36,000 PSI from 5,000 and 8,000 PSI depending on the model.

All standard and custom cylinders are available for purchase in high volumes. We also offer one of the shortest lead times in the industry—guaranteeing your warehouse and logistics operation stays on track.