Series HHD Hydraulic Heavy Duty

Series HHD hydraulic actuators are suitable for applications requiring extra output power and durability to stand up to harsh conditions. They provide up to 3,000 psi of continuous force, making them ideal in high-pressure systems. And they’re also built to last. The cylinder barrel’s heavy wall is honed to an 8 to 16 µ finish to ensure piston bearing life, while the extra long rod cartridge is made of high-strength bronze to deliver exceptional bearing support and wear resistance. The cast iron pistons are designed to provide maximum strength and protection against shock loads, and the piston rods offer 100,000 psi yield strength in the ⅝ through 4 ½ inch diameters and up to 75,000 psi for larger-diameter models. The steel tie rods feature 100,000 to 125,000 psi yield strength.

Additional features include machined cushions to ensure gradual deceleration and reduced shock at the end of the stroke, Teflon® end seals, standard SAE ports and a circular rod bushing retainer so the rod cartridge can be removed without disassembling the cylinder. HHD hydraulic actuators are offered with 20 NFPA standard mounting options for interchange convenience.