Linear Slides

Whether you require guided linear motion for a simple positioning or stamping operation or for a complex multi-axis robotic system in an automated assembly line, there’s a Fabco-Air pneumatic linear slide to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of slide styles such as single- and dual-bearing, pick-and-place, table, finger, block-type thrusters, linear thrusters and rodless designs. Compact sizes and low-cost models are also available.

Thanks to our many years as innovators of inch-size compact pneumatic air cylinder technology, you can count on Fabco-Air slides for precise, repeatable operation and good load handling capabilities. They’re also built tough with anodized aluminum toolbars and bearing blocks, stainless steel components and durable bearing materials, so users can expect smooth motion and a long operating life. This broad line of linear slides can accommodate many mounting configurations and also includes a variety of accessories and sensing options.