FJU and FJUK Series

FJU multi-mount cylinders are designed to provide mounting flexibility and convenience. These small, lightweight units save space, while their rectangular design creates mounting surfaces on the rod end, cap end, sides and bottom. They also include four extruded slots for sensor mounting on the top or bottom of the cylinder. Each unit comes with a standard piston, or customers can select a magnetic sensor for position sensing. Available with bore diameters from 6 to 32 millimeters and strokes from 5 to 50 millimeters, these cylinders are interchangeable with popular competitor devices for additional convenience. The FJU Series also includes a non-rotating version:

FJUK Series Multi-Mount Cylinders
The FJUK Series is appropriate for applications where anti-rotation and registration are critical as the piston extends and retracts, making the cylinders well-suited for package placement and figure stamping. FJUK cylinders offer all the standard features of the FJU Series plus a guide block securely attached to the piston rod, with a steel guide shaft attached to the guide block ensuring less than 0.8 degrees of rotation.