Valves Valves - Special

OS, RV and MSV Series

  • OS-1 Series: provides a momentary output at its cylinder port when pressure is applied at its inlet
  • RV-1 Series valve: designed to open when a pre-set amount of pressure is applied to provide a pilot signal for circuit control
  • MSV Series: tiny, poppet-style valves designed for very light actuating forces
Valves Valves - Special

Miniature, Micro-Fine™, Swivel, Port-Mounted and SuperVee™ Series

  • Miniature Series allows you to choose between 1-way or 2-way flow, panel mounting and flow control models, all constructed from durable brass
  • Micro-Fine™ Series designed to provide high control of gasses and liquids, available in both needle or flow valve models
  • Swivel, Port-Mounted line provides a 360° swivel on all models, multiple size options and the choice between molded or brass body design
  • SuperVee™ Series can be adjusted from full flow to bubble-tight shutoff with an orifice that provides precise repetition of your selected flow rate
  • Check and shuttle valves available