Warehouse and Logistics

From conveyor lines to material handling systems, our cylinders provide durability, reliability and many standard features to meet the needs of warehouse and logistics applications.

Cylinders like our Pancake® and F-Series incorporate corrosion-resistant stainless steel parts, as well as non-metallic composite rod bushings that strengthen the cylinders’ load-bearing capabilities, lower friction and boost component longevity in warehouse environments. Also ideal for this industry is our ST Stopper Cylinder, which incorporates high-quality aluminum and shock absorbers for safety, as well as our FGM Series Cylinder for sorters that use pushers or rakes. All our standard cylinders come with many options to choose from, including mounting styles, seals, rod and thread extensions, bore sizes and more.

If one of our off-the-shelf units doesn’t meet your needs, we can customize our cylinders to accommodate special materials, installation spaces and load capacity. We offer a modified, heavy-duty version of our Global® Series Cylinder for conveyor stopping applications that features a special rod bearing—increasing load capacity to 36,000 PSI from 5,000 and 8,000 PSI depending on the model.

All standard and custom cylinders are available for purchase in high volumes. We also offer one of the shortest lead times in the industry—guaranteeing your warehouse and logistics operation stays on track.



Packaging equipment involves heavy loads, fast cycle times and round-the-clock operation. You need pneumatic components that can keep up—improving your uptime and maximizing your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

To meet these demands, we offer an extensive lineup of pneumatic slides, cylinders and grippers for palletizers, conveyors, robotics systems and more. Our linear slides, including our L, S and SE Series, offer precise, repeatable operation and excellent load-bearing capabilities. They’re also built tough with anodized aluminum toolbars, stainless steel shafting and high performance composite bearings.

In addition to our slides, we offer powerful pneumatic cylinders with hard anodized aluminum tubes and self-lubricating piston rods that provide low internal friction, high corrosion resistance and longevity in industrial environments. Standard NFPA and ISO interchanges are available. And for robotics systems, we offer both angular and parallel grippers for use as end-of-arm tooling. These units are compact, precise and can handle a variety of workpiece sizes and shapes.

With over half of our products delivered as custom units, we can modify our slides and cylinders to deliver higher forces, faster speeds, extended strokes and more. We’re happy to work with you to create a custom solution for your packaging application—delivered with the same fast lead times as our off-the-shelf products.


Electronics and Semiconductors

When it comes to the semiconductor and electronics industries, you need compact, reliable pneumatic parts that offer high precision and quality consistency in cleanroom environments. We’ve got you covered.

Durable materials achieve a long service life. To meet your specific media requirements, our cylinders, slides and valves incorporate durable materials, including aluminum and 303 and 3016 stainless steel—enabling smooth motion and long service life.

Compact sizes fit tight installations. From compact finger slides to low-profile cylinders, our pneumatic components are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for tight installations in laboratories and cleanrooms. Cylinders like our proven Pancake® line, for example, provide short strokes in a low-profile design. They also feature the longest possible stroke for the smallest package size—giving you the most bang for your buck.

To hold your workpieces firmly in place, we also supply compact, yet sturdy pneumatic and hydraulic swing clamps that rotate 90 degrees, providing easy clearance and access for loading and unloading operations.

Cylinders support Copy Exact manufacturing. Best of all, from laboratories to high-volume production environments, our pneumatic components never vary in performance or design—meeting your quality expectations for copy exact (CE) manufacturing. This means replacement cylinders will achieve the same technical and performance outputs as legacy parts—ensuring your entire manufacturing process is maintained without quality issues.

If one of our standard cylinders doesn’t fit your requirements, contact us for a specially designed model and enjoy the same short lead times as our off-the-shelf products.



To meet the high reliability and cleanliness standards demanded by the medical industry, we offer both custom and off-the-shelf cylinders that help medical manufacturers keep their critical processes running smoothly.

For safe, reliable operation in medical and lab automation, Fabco-Air cylinders come in corrosion-resistant stainless steel and Delrin®, incorporate corrosion-resistant seals and use FDA-approved lubricants for use in many clean medical device or pharmaceutical production environments. Cylinders like our popular Pancake® series are also lightweight and compact—providing short strokes in a low-profile design and achieving the longest possible stroke for the smallest package size.

When it comes to medical device design and laboratory automation, we can also adapt our standard cylinders to meet your unique application needs. These specials can include many modified features related to size, media compatibility, temperature, material systems, sealing and more.


Printing, Converting and Papermaking

Printing, converting and papermaking machines operate quickly and around the clock. You can’t afford to halt these processes due to a faulty cylinder. From laminating films to converting large paper rolls, our pneumatic components provide the reliability and long lifespan required by these demanding applications.

Cylinders like our popular NFPA, Pancake® and F-Series are built to last. They integrate durable materials like aluminum and stainless steel—maximizing their performance and longevity in 24/7 printing processes. And for applications requiring higher forces and minimal floor space, our Multi-Power® Cylinders deliver forces comparable to low-pressure hydraulics at a competitive price.

To meet the unique requirements of your web process, choose from a variety of sizes, configurations and cylinder options like Dial-A-Stroke®, which precisely adjusts strokes by 0.050 to 0.071 inches depending on your cylinder size.

If one of our standard cylinders doesn’t fit your requirements, we can easily design a custom model that can withstand particulates, handle higher cycle rates and more. And best of all, we offer very short lead times on all standard and custom units, ensuring your fast-moving web processes run with minimal downtime.



As an ISO 9001:2005 certified company, we support automotive OEMs and tier suppliers with quality pneumatic components that fulfill key industry requirements, including standard NFPA and ISO mounting specifications, short lead times and cost-effective price points.

Our ISO-certified pneumatics include our Series FAE and FAQ2R Cylinders, which comply with ISO 6432 and 6431 dimensional interchanges, respectively. Made in America, our NFPA Cylinders feature hard anodized aluminum tubes and self-lubricating piston rods, providing high corrosion resistance, low internal friction and longevity in all areas of the production process—from press shops to assembly lines. We also support metric interchange cylinders with our Global™ Series.

With over half of our products manufactured as specialty items, we can modify all standard cylinders—including our Multi-Power® line, which delivers forces over 22 tons using only shop air. We’ve adapted this series for automotive applications to achieve higher forces and precision guiding. Units are also ideal for reverting, punching and crimping tasks.

In addition to our cylinders, we supply durable swing clamps with single- or double-sided clamp arms that extend in a straight line away from workpieces, providing plenty of space to load and unload parts.


Food and Beverage

If you need washdown-resistant pneumatic cylinders and you need them fast, we can help. We offer an extensive lineup of pneumatic cylinders tailor-made for food and beverage equipment. These cylinders include food-friendly versions of our popular Pancake®, F-Series and NFPA cylinders.

For use in or near food contact zones, all these cylinders are available in 303 or 316 stainless steel as well as corrosion-resistant Delrin®. The cylinders feature corrosion resistant seals and FDA-approved lubricants. Many of our food-friendly actuators are standard models, ensuring the fast delivery times that the food industry demands. We can also quickly manufacture special products in stainless or Delrin® if one of our standard products doesn’t meet your requirements.

For those sections of your production line that don’t need washdown, we can recommend conventional cylinders from our broad portfolio. With our long experience in the food and beverage industry, we have the expertise to help you pick the right cylinder for the job.