Custom Solutions

Stainless Steel Pancake®

We provide custom, food-friendly versions of many of our popular actuators — like this all-stainless steel Pancake® cylinder — built to withstand harsh environments and washdowns that would ruin normal cylinders.

Custom Solutions

Washdown-resistant Delrin® Pancake® Cylinders

We can quickly manufacture a special Pancake cylinder with corrosion-resistant Delrin® construction, food-grade lubricant and a smooth exterior for equipment that must undergo washdowns.

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Fabco-Air Multi-Power® Cylinders

Fabco-Air Multi-Power® air cylinders feature a novel design in which multiple pistons are attached to a single rod that has integral air slots. The multiple pistons create a larger collective surface area for the shop air pressure to act on, while pistons are pressurized simultaneously. The result: tremendous thrust forces at the cylinder rod. Watch our video to learn more.

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Our Online Interchange Tool Makes Replacing Your Cylinders a Breeze

If you’re replacing a pneumatic cylinder, whether with a current machine design or in a production line, finding an exact interchange isn’t always easy. Fortunately, we’ve made this process quick, easy and painless with our online configurator, reference guide and dedicated support team.

And the best part is, once you’ve selected your Fabco-Air replacement cylinder, your lead time is only a few days—ensuring your operation runs with minimal interruption.

Online Configurator Streamlines the Interchange Process

Our first interchange resource is our online configurator. After specifying your current manufacturer, simply enter the number of the part you need to replace. The configurator will automatically display the corresponding Fabco-Air unit—including its pricing, model number, CAD model, catalog link and optional accessories.

This tool also indicates any key differences between your part and its Fabco-Air replacement. Once you’re ready to order, click the quote button at the bottom of your screen, and you’ll receive a response as soon as possible.

Other Technical Resources

In addition to our online configurator, you can glance over all interchange information in one, convenient place using our reference guide, which is located on the “Catalogs” section of our website. If you don’t see your product listed or need additional support, feel free to contact our dedicated team of interchange specialists at We’ll typically get back to you in less than two days.

Standard and Special Interchanges

Once you navigate our tools and catalogs, you’ll notice many of our popular cylinders are interchangeable models—and we designed them that way. They include:

  • Our F Series of stainless steel cylinders, which are available in 11 bore sizes and standard stroke lengths up to 32 inches. We optimized the design for lead time, cost and flexibility for any modifications you need. Typical lead time is 3-5 days.
  • Our Pancake® II composite body cylinders, which are available in a wide range of sizes, features and options. Typical lead time is 3-5 days.
  • Our NFPA and OEM-NFPA cylinders, which feature a long service life and wide range of NFPA interchangeable mounting configurations. Typical lead time is 5-7 days.

In addition to the cylinders listed above, our interchangeable models include many other products from the Fabco-Air standard product offering. Check out our reference guide for more information.

If you require a special or custom interchange, please contact for questions and guidance, but please include a drawing or specific cylinder requirements. And remember—our lead times apply to all standard and off-the-shelf units.

Visit to get started.

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Food-Friendly Cylinders Are Ready To Go

If your application requires washdown-resistant pneumatic cylinders, and you need them fast, Fabco-Air can help. We offer an extensive lineup of standard pneumatic cylinders as well as tailor-made solutions for food and beverage equipment. These cylinders include food-friendly versions of our popular Pancake®, F-Series and NFPA cylinders.

For use in or near food contact zones, which are subject to consistent washdowns, we produce versions of these standard products constructed entirely of stainless steel as well as corrosion-resistant Delrin®. The cylinders feature corrosion-resistant seals and FDA-approved lubricants. Many of our food-friendly actuators are standard models, ensuring the fast delivery times that the food industry demands. We can also quickly manufacture special products in stainless steel or Delrin® if one of our standard products doesn’t meet your requirements.

Check out the video for a look at some of your options.